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Rachel Zane in 2.13

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Spencer Hastings | The Kahn Game

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"It used to be a little easier to tell us apart, wasn’t it?”

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Malia obviously trying to learn the proper ways to act in lacrosse game by observing Kira’s reactions

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tw - season 3 gag reel > dance montage

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But she poisoned everybody at her last party!


i accidentally told my friend the sweetest pick up line ever. i started talking about solipsism (the belief that everything around you was created by your mind) and i went “If everything around me is all my imagination, then you’re the best thing I’ve come up with” she was speechless for a solid five minutes.

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"y o u  are my new best friend.”

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"Some women are

lost in the fire.

Some women are

built from it.”

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teen wolf cast + nicknames

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“People want to hear songs with the words they’re afraid to say.” —(via nameineisedww)

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